Born in 1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Cría Cuervos (Gutter Glitter, 2017)
Amsterdam (mini-comic, Gutter Glitter, published in the Netherlands as part of my artist residency in AGA LAB, 2016)
Oveja Negra (anthology, Gutter Glitter, 2016)
Mythos (artbook, Gutter Glitter, 2015)
Brauronian (self-published, 2011)
Berwick (self-published, 2008)
Sedna (self-published, 2008)
Gomorra: Sadomasochism (Midgar studio, 2003)


I am currently part of Tótem Comics for which I am doing “Amnistía”. (spanish) (english)

Other projects:

Psychopomp I, II, III and IV (Gutter Glitter, 2012-2015)
Anuraidh (Gutter Glitter, 2014-2015)
Próxima Nº10, 17, 25 and 26 (Ed. Ayarmanot. 2013-2015)
Una y Mil Brujas (Contamusa, 2015)
Monsterland (Gutter Glitter, 2014)
Control de Plagas (Mojito Colectivo Editorial, 2014)
Aztez (Team Colorblind, 2014)
Próxima Especial Historieta (Ed. Ayarmanot, 2014)
Ghost Book (13 Crowns Studio, 2013)
Terminus (Terminus, 2013)
Revolutionart Magazine (2012)
Awakening, Vol.2 (Archaia, 2012)
The God Machine (Archaia, 2012)
Freakshow (Moirae, 2009)
Scared of Girls (Moirae, 2007)
Gomorra (Midgar Studio, 2002-2003)

Outside publishing:

Besides holding solo and group art shows, and giving several workshops related to comics creation, character design and publishing each year in both Comics Conventions and the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, I’ve taken part of the following artist residencies:

  • Eläintarhan huvila (December 2017 through February 2018, artist in residence, Helsinki, Finland)
  • Këmijarvi Art Residence (July, 2016. Artist in residence, Këmijarvi, Finland)
  • Eläintarhan huvila (June-July 2016, artist in residence, Helsinki, Finland)
  • AGA LAB (May 2016, artist in residence, Amsterdam, Netherlands)